Summit - June 2011

Sunnyside staff
Urban Agriculture Summit - June 4, 2011
The first ever Urban Agriculture Summit in Richmond and in West Contra Costa County. Hosted by Sunnyside Organic Seedlings, a wholesale nursery in North Richmond. This event resulted from a collaboration between Contra Costa County, the City of Richmond, Sunnyside Organic Seedlings, and various community organizations. The event’s keynote speaker, LaDonna Redmond, longtime community activist and policy associate at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy in Minneapolis, Minnesota, spoke about her decision to grow food to feed her son and about why farmers must be politically active. Panelists from Sunnyside Organic Seedlings, Urban Tilth, ECOVillage Farm, Communities United Restoring Mother Earth (CURME), EPA, Sustainable Agriculture Education
(SAGE), and City Slicker Farms talked about the social, environmental, and economic benefits of urban agriculture and urban agriculture models. Panelists from Contra Costa County, City of Richmond, Richmond Community Foundation, and Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust (BALT) spoke about what local governments can do to support urban agriculture. Breakout sessions addressed promoting urban agriculture in schools, parks, and public places, business and job opportunities in urban agriculture, and promoting prospects for urban agriculture at the City of Richmond’s Miraflores development site.
Thank you to the Summit Speakers!

LaDonna Redmond, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy · Pilar Reber, Sunnyside Organic Seedlings · Doria Robinson, Urban Tilth · Shyaam Shabaka, ECOVillage Farm · Iyalode Kinney, CURME · Don Hodge, EPA · Sibella Kraus, SAGE · Barbara Finnin, City Slicker Farms · Joan Davis, Richmond Community Foundation/Farm 2 Table · Tom Powers, BALT · Natalia Lawrence, Richmond Community Redevelopment Agency · Richard Mitchell, City of Richmond · Lina Velasco, City of Richmond · Ryan Hernandez, Contra Costa County · Vince Guise, Contra Costa County

View event photos here.