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WriterCoach Connection™ (WCC) brings teams of trained community volunteers into public middle and high school English classes to develop essential writing, comprehension, and creative and critical thinking skills by providing individualized support tailored to the needs of each student. Every student in a participating class has a writing coach. We need more volunteer coaches to serve more RHS students.

As students discover the power and richness of their own voices and learn to communicate their ideas with clarity, confidence, and pride, these skills enable them to better create academic success, meet personal challenges with self-assurance, expand their career options, and become greater contributors to their communities.


WCC has been proving writing coaching for over 12 years. In February 2013, there are almost 600 volunteer coaches supporting over 2,000 students in 10 East Bay schools. In WCCUSD this marks our third year at El Cerrito High and our second at Portola Middle.

In September of 2012, 70 trained community volunteers started coaching 150 students at Richmond High. This school year, every Level 4 English Language Learner in grades 9-12 has a writing coach.

As we expand at RHS in the 2013-14 school year we need additional volunteers to become writing coaches. You don’t have to be a writer or teacher to volunteer! We warmly welcome parents, grandparents, college students, working and retired people, and community members of all cultures and backgrounds.

The coaching commitment is only 2 hours, 2-3 times per month during the school year to help students succeed! 

Volunteers must complete the WCC training to become a coach. Training sessions will be offered in May-June and August-September.

Regardless of skill level, students benefit from the individualized feedback and personal attention offered by one-to-one coaching sessions with trained, committed, caring volunteers. This support can be of particular value to students with emerging writing skills as we address the achievement gap.

The ability to express oneself in writing with clarity and conviction, the ability to think creatively and critically, and the ability to read, comprehend, and explore content and ideas are essential skills for academic and career success. They are also skills that enable individuals to represent their own and others’ needs, interests, and beliefs so they have access to the opportunities and relationships that will enhance their lives and serve their communities well.

While teachers are every student’s first coach in the education system, WCC offers an organized opportunity for schools and educators to extend their reach, to provide the personal attention that fosters student learning, helps close the achievement gap, and a provides a foundation that students can build on throughout their academic career and lives.

We have found that all students, from the most at-risk or disengaged student to the most conscientious achiever, do much more than strengthen their literacy skills in their coaching sessions. They learn that it’s important to care about their work and their ideas. They learn that there are adults in their community who are ready and willing to listen and respond respectfully to those ideas. They learn how to revisit and revise their own work, taking more responsibility for their learning process. Through this process, WriterCoach Connection strives to help all students learn to value the power of their own voice.

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