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Founded by Judy Koch in 1997, Bring Me A Book's goals include providing equitable access to quality children’s literature; encouraging a daily ritual of reading at school, after school, and in the home; fostering an early love of reading and learning; preparing children for school success; enabling English language development; and, ultimately, attainment of family literacy. Bring Me A Book's mission is to strengthen the language and emerging literacy skills of the increasing number of California's under-served children. Bring Me A Book strongly believes that if parents, caregivers and teachers understand the lasting benefits and value of reading to children from infancy, supplemented with quality literature in the home and at school, children will be better prepared to succeed in school and in life.

To improve the access to quality literary materials and inspire reading aloud to children in the classroom and at home, BMAB operates 2 programs:

The Bookcase Library Programplaces maple bookcases filled with approximately 30 new, hardcover, age-appropriate and culturally diverse children’s books into state funded preschools, Head Starts, elementary schools, childcare centers and community centers. All of the books are high quality, award winning books selected by literacy experts and are widely recognized as the books children love to read the most. Funded by donors, foundations, community organizations and businesses, the Bookcase Libraries are affordable and include a plaque and bookplates identifying the donor or funding organization, thereby providing inexpensive but highly visible naming opportunities.

The First Teachers Programenhances both BMAB Library programs by engaging and educating parents, childcare providers, and teachers on the critical importance of reading aloud and read aloud strategies. The curriculum is interactive and highly visual and uses “modeling the message” techniques to empower and educate parents with young children to become their child’s “first teachers.” The goals of the training are to help parents, childcare providers, and teachers overcome the barriers to reading aloud to children and motivate them to incorporate reading aloud into their daily ritual - supporting emergent literacy skills, school readiness and family bonding experiences. This fun and interactive curriculum is taught in sites that have received a BMAB Bookcase Library to ensure maximum use of the classroom literary resources.

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