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The Richmond Youth Advocate supports the Richmond Youth Council by taking the leading role in motivating the youth to be engaged active members of the Youth Council. The Youth Advocate provides guidance to enhance community engagement, experience with local government, policy research and development to foster exceptional youth leaders. The responsibilities and duties of the RYC Youth Advocate include:

  • Assist and guide the Youth Council
  • Prepare for and attend monthly meetings (every third Monday of the month)
  • Actively recruit youth council applicants through outreach and being available to provide presentations to local youth agencies upon request
  • Stay informed on what is happening in the community and keep youth engaged; i.e. research youth related programs, activities or upcoming policy that relates to youth in Richmond
  • Advise the youth council to frequently monitor the City Council agenda, the Community Services calendar, Boards and Commissions and the WCCUSD Board and Youth Commission agendas.  
  • Volunteer 3-5 hours per month (work space available in City Council offices)
  • Assist with planning and coordinating events or activities
  • Be responsible and communicate with perspective city staff and committee liaison
  • Promote growth as a community leader and demonstrate leadership skills

Additional Requirements:

  1. How would you be an effective advocate for the Richmond Youth Council?

We will contact you for an in-person or phone interview. For more information visit the Richmond Youth Council homepage at

About the organization

Richmond Youth Council Advocate

Trina Jackson
Executive Director
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