Description & History

NIAD’s visual art program promotes meaningful independent living by artists with disabilities—while its artists create remarkable contemporary art. In a unique open studio environment, and with the guidance of qualified staff, NIAD artists acquire new skills in artistic practice and in independent living. As artists paint, build sculpture, mold clay, or work with textiles, their skills of observation and project management improve. As they explore and express their creativity, exhibit artwork in professional-quality galleries, participate in the community, and occasionally earn money from selling art, their feelings of independence and self-esteem increase.

Each NIAD artwork is an original piece of contemporary art that tells an individual story from the perspective of an artist with disabilities. Frequently remarkable, surprising, and engaging, NIAD artwork has become a highlight of the Richmond art scene and has received recognition from the national artistic community.

About the organization

NIAD Art Center

Judith Zoon
Administrative Coordinator
Deb Dyer
Executive Director
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