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Richmond Mayor Tom Butt launched a Food Census to raise awareness of the current status of Richmond’s food stores, with the intent to:

·         Provide a wide variety of healthy and nutritious food options to all Richmond residents and decrease unhealthy food options.

·         Provide food retailers with assistance to increase the availability of healthier food options at an affordable cost.

The Office of Mayor Tom Butt will conduct site-surveys of food stores  serving Richmond residents, including grocery stores, liquor stores, and corner stores. Store owners or managers will be requested to complete a survey that will capture data in regards to what type of food products they offer, if they accept government funded food benefits, and inquire about their awareness of the City of Richmond’s energy saving, recycling and compost services. The information collected from this survey will not be used to fine or bring punitive charges against any owner, manager, or store; nor is it intended to be an official health inspection of the respective facility or operations.

For more information, contact Irene Perdomo, Director of Projects and Programs, at 510-620-6548 or via email at

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