Cities of Service and the City of Richmond has identified North Richmond as one of the target neighborhoods for the Love Your Block initiative. North Richmond is divided by For decades, North Richmond has been one of the most economically disadvantaged and crime-ridden neighborhoods in the Bay Area. 

In recent years, many community groups, agencies, and residents work with each other to make North Richmond safer and more beautiful for everyone. 

Some activities that we've hosted in North Richmond include:

  • Goat grazing to address illegal dumping.
  • Rancho Market Paint Party
  • Trash clean-up with the Shields-Reid after school program

We have awarded mini-grants to residents who demonstrated their ability to engage their neighbors and community members:

  • CME Davis Chapel community garden
  • CURME Fred's Oasis - Fred Jackson mural and planting of edible plants
  • "Sustainable Practices" mural at the Shields-Reid Community Center