Once your organization registration is approved, you will be able to post volunteer opportunities and respond to volunteer inquiries through your account.

Please note: For security reasons, your organization and volunteer opportunities will not show up on the website until Richmond CSD staff approves them. Please allow up to one week for this process.


  1. Go to "My Account".
  2. Select “Manage volunteer opportunities” on the left navigation bar.
  3. Select “Add new opportunity” on the bottom of the page.
  4. Add information about your volunteer opportunity - there will be two pages to complete. Read "Adding information about your volunteer opportunity" below if you need assistance and tips.
  5. Select "Save" at the bottom of the page to save and submit your opportunity.
  6. After we approve your opportunity (up to 1 week) it will be viewable online.


To create a new opportunity, you will need to provide the following information:

  1. Volunteer Opportunity Details
    • Title
    • Short description (limited to 300 characters). This is used in the opportunity listings before a user clicks to read the full description.
    • Full description
    • Requirements
  2. Opportunity Contacts and Location
    • Organization contact 
    • Website
    • Address. All volunteer opportunities will show up on a map so that volunteers can see where the opportunity is.
    • Phone. Please note: phone numbers are only viewable by Richmond CSD. If you want volunteers to see your phone number, please provide your phone number in the "Full description" section of your opportunity.
  3. Date and Time
    • Opportunity Type: Ongoing vs. One-time Opportunities
      • One-time opportunities appear on our calendar. Ongoing opportunities do not appear on our calendar.
      • Ongoing: select this option if you're looking for a volunteer(s) to fulfill a defined volunteer role(s) in your organization. Ongoing opportunities may be posted for a maximum of one (1) year and may be re-posted after expiration.
      • One-time: select this option if your volunteer opportunity is one-time only or if your opportunities are event- or project-based. For example, if you hold park clean-ups once a month, you should select the "One-time" Opportunity Type and submit a separate one-time opportunity each month. 
  4. Opportunity Categories
    • Opportunity Categories are used to help volunteers find the perfect volunteer opportunity on the search page. You may select as many categories as fits your volunteer opportunities.
    • Audiences
    • Interests
    • Skills