Richmond ESC & Global Youth Service Day

Richmond, California Global Youth Service Day (GYSD), an initiative by Youth Service America (YSA) is an international time of service in which youth, ages 5-25, all around the world dedicate themselves to making a difference. This year, for the first time ever, YSA selected Richmond ESC – Excellence Serving our Community - as a lead agency for GYSD because we believe in the power of our youth to change the world. The youth here in Richmond, and the surrounding areas, are getting involved.

Richmond ESC’s goal is to engage 600 or more youth in service for the month of April, with an emphasis on April 26th-28th. Since January of this year, we have hosted orientations, formed a Youth Leadership Committee, and worked diligently to ensure that the youth are supported all the way. To date, we have 15 events, hosting over 3000 people, in which youth are volunteering their time in honor of GYSD! From gardening to rape/sexual assault prevention workshops, we have been deeply humbled by the youth’s commitment towards the health of our future.

On May 16th, 2013, we are hosting a red-carpet style celebration in honor of the youth who served in GYSD (RSVP required). We are bringing together all participants, adult and youth, to have a “service-learning fair” (similar to a science fair) where students will showcase their work through poster presentations to public officials, community members, city staff, the media, and their peers. In liaison with our Youth Leadership Committee, all 18 and under, we have built a momentum building to involve youth in our community, and we would be honored if you shared your volunteer, internship, and potential job opportunities with the youth to keep the momentum moving.


To view GYSD 2013 events here in Richmond, click here.

For more information on GYSD, click here.


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